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welcome to the year 2002

Death. It's... a funny thing, really. A funny thought... A funny idea.. I'm not talking funny haha, here... More.. funny, strange...

What if you die tomorrow?
What have you achieved today? What have you achieved up until this point?
Are you happy... Have you made others happy? Have you made a difference?
Have you improved, changed, become a better person?
Have you said sorry? Have you hugged somebody... Have you told another person you think they are okay...

All the things we don't do and should be doing...
I'm not preaching... You don't have to do what I tell you.. you don't have to be a nice person...

I just think.. death... What if I do tomorrow? What have I achieved?

and I keep on thinking it... You know what's even funnier? I don't do a damned thing..
I'm not out there, doing the right thing.. Making me happy... I'm drowning my sorrows in alcohol... I'm posting to random net users... Telling them about MY problems...

I wish I could tell myself life gets easier... but death... Death comes... Death, it's just too inevitable... I'll be miserable and then I'll die...
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